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FREE selected videos of Dr Rajan Sankaran from WWR 1 -Materia Medica -Repertory To avail these Free talks, just Sign-up : https://onlinehmp.com/registerNo need to make any payment. Please do NOT click Pay Now button. We will activated your access in the next 24 hours after you Sign-up. If you are already registered with us, for availing this offer please email us : sales@onlinehmp.com Thank you for your interest.

Videos: 6 | Duration: 1 Month


Plant Subclass & Superclass

Just released ! In his highly acclaimed Munich seminar 2019 Rajan Sankaran presented new homeopathic insights into botanical subclasses, a missing link so far in the system of Sensation Method. For each of the six subclasses of dicots Sankaran identified a characteristic pattern of reaction - from withdrawal and clinging in Magnoliidae and stability and security in Dilleniidae to violence and destruction in Asteridae. These basic pattern help to understand and recognize many remedy families b...

Videos: 14 | Duration: 4 Months


Wednesdays With Rajan - 3 (WWR - 3)

In Wednesdays With Rajan - 3 (WWR-3), the latest online program from Homoeopathic Medical Publishers (HMP), participants learn the intricate art and skill of case-taking, case-analysis, and follow-up. This program follows both WWR-1, which focused primarily on learning the basics in homeopathy, and WWR-2, where advanced lectures on the Sensation Method were presented. WWR-3 focuses on the newest evolution in practice, including the Synergy Approach and The 8-box Method. In this course, parti...

Videos: 46 | Duration: 1 Year


Wednesdays With Rajan - 2 (WWR - 2)

Wednesdays With Rajan - II takes the concept of online programs to a whole new level - from fundamentals to mastery.This program shows how the Sensation Method and other contemporary advanced methods are used in practice and is integrated with all conventional approaches in a harmonious synergy for much greater effectiveness in practice. In this course, Dr. Rajan Sankaran is joined by 23 of the world's leading homoeopathic practitioners, each bringing their own unique flavour to homoeopat...

Videos: 52 | Duration: 1 Year 3 Months


Wednesdays With Rajan - 1 (WWR - 1)

Dr. Rajan Sankaran has presented, for the first time, a comprehensive online talks of 102 hours. Wednesdays with Rajan - 1 is a crystallisation of the 30 years of his busy practice where he successfully integrates traditional homoeopathic knowledge of the Organon, Materia Medica and Repertory with his origination, the Sensation Method. To download Syllabus click here

Videos: 101 | Duration: 1 Year 3 Months


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