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WWR 1 - Level 1 : Concepts of Homoeopathy - Part 1

WWR 1 - LEVEL 1 : Concepts of Homoeopathy - Part 1

WWR 1 Module - Level 1 | Concepts of Homoeopathy

We need to establish a good base, to build further on it. The base is the most important thing.

In Homoeopathy, it is important to know our concept, of what is to be cured in disease and what is curative in medicine. What clearly is a disease and then to understand to see that the disease is a state of being and the source within, speaking to us from anywhere in the universe. To recognize the language of the source either through symptoms and proving and rubrics or through the kingdom, subkingdom qualities. And then to see the integration of these two and to find the remedy for the person. 

This is our endeavour as Homoeopaths and this is what we will learn in this Level 1 Module of WWR 1 from Dr Rajan Sankaran. 

Learn from the comfort of your own home.

Course video duration - 16 hours

Access for 3 months,you can watch as many times as you want!

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Videos: 8 | Duration: 3 Months

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