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WWR 1 - Level 7 : Children, Acute, Psychiatric Cases, Follow-up

WWR 1 - LEVEL 7 : Children, Acute, Psychiatric Cases, Posology, Follow-up

WWR 1 Module - Level 7 | Children, Acute, Psychiatric Cases, Posology, Follow-up

What are the 5 main aspects in the Case taking of children?

What are the things we have to observe in an Acute situation?

In Psychiatric cases, the most challenging cases in Homoeopathic practice, what are the important things that we have to look for especially in Psychiatric cases even more than in normal patients?

What are the guidelines about Posology, about Potency and Repetition, undoubtedly the most confusing question in Homoeopathic practice? 

What are the 8 Important questions to ask in a Follow-Up & also the possibilities & various ways of handling Follow-Ups?

Learn all the above with the help of Cases from Dr Rajan Sankaran. 

Learn from the comfort of your own home.

Course video duration - 14 hours

Access for 3 months,you can watch as many times as you want!

For course related queries, Contact - Dr Aafreen Chunawala - hmpinfo@onlinehmp.com


Videos: 7 | Duration: 3 Months

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