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The Substance of Homeopathy book review by Vatsala Sperling - Hpathy.com

Published On: 18-11-2021

The Substance of Homeopathy is the second book by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and I am delighted to be reviewing it here.  After publishing his first book, The Spirit of Homeopathy, Dr. Sankaran dug deep in to the realm of miasms and the link between drug source and its symptomatology. The outcome of these adventures is presented in The Substance of Homeopathy.

In book 1, the Spirit of Homeopathy, Dr Sankaran presented the idea that disease is a delusion, and it could be resolved and cured brilliantly using homeopathic remedies. So, he set out to understand the remedies that form the “substance” of Homeopathy.

He also tried to classify the disease state (or the state of delusion) as reaction to how reality is perceived, used the word “miasm” to describe these reactions and expanded and added new miasms – acute, ringworm, malarial, typhoid, leprous, cancer and tubercular – to the three original miasms, psora, sycosis and syphilis, as described by Samuel Hahnemann. This expansion helped him understand the new and emerging diseases in the contemporary world.

In his attempt at classification of diseases, Dr. Sankaran ponders the four basic miasms – acute, psora, sycosis and syphilis, connects them to four stages of life and personality types, and concludes that the state of mother and father at the time of conception is inherited as miasm... Read More


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