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The Soul of Remedies book review by Vatsala Sperling - Hpathy.com

Published On: 19-11-2021

This book includes the connections that Dr Sankaran makes between basic delusion, source, miasm and symptoms.

In order that I may do justice to the book 3 by Dr Rajan Sankaran, The Soul of Remedies, and review it for what it stands for, what its strengths and weaknesses are, I am inclined to pick up a simple and timeless book most homeopaths know about – the ninth edition of Materia Medica with repertory, by William Boericke.

It was first published in 1901. I pick a random rubric from page 561: PROPENSITY to pray, beseech, entreat. The remedies listed are Aurum metallicum, Pulsatilla, Stramonium, Veratrum albumIn the materia medica part, Boericke gives symptoms from head to sleep, concluding with modalities and remedy relationship.

Aurum mind symptoms include self-condemnation, worthlessness, profound despondency, disgust of life, thoughts of suicide, great fear of death, peevishness and vehemence at least contradiction, anthropophobia, mental derangement, constant questioning without waiting for reply, cannot do things fast enough, over-sensitiveness to noise, excitement, confusion.

On reading these symptoms, we get an idea as if the person is in a very dark place in his life. But is it true that every time we see an Aurum metallicum case, the person is going to be in the very dark place? This is where Dr. Sankaran’s sketch of the soul of Aurum metallicum is different from how and what we read about Aurum metallicum in our classic materia medicas...... Read More


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