Vital Quest


Vital Quest is a Software based on the 'Sensation Method' of Dr. Rajan Sankaran


Developed by a team of homeopaths, this software helps in the process of case taking and analysis, kingdom and misam classification and finally takes us to the source. It contains information on the kingdom, the source language and the homeopathic application of this information.


The software is accompanied with several reference books including materia medica and provings. If one takes case and simply pastes it in the program, the software picks out all the sensation and source words and based on an extensive data bank it analyses the case giving result in terms of kingdom, sub-kingdom and the source.


It give a spectrum of features offering you everything you want to match both sides of contemporary and classical prescribing. this software is very versatile giving various perspective of analysis which no software has. search and analyze from both the classical and new masters. this software will help you definitely to take you a level ahead in your practice.

Are you learning Homoeopathy?
   Are you practicing Homeopathy?
      Would you like expert opinion for any of your case?


This is a must have tool in your learning !

Synergy - An Integrated analysis, allows you to analyze your cases using a variety of unique tools.


Helping you get connected to an endless data source of knowledge.


Vital Quest is available for Apple MAC and Windows operating system.



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