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VitalQuest - Synergy, an all new software epitomizes this approach of case taking and analysis.



Highlights of Vital Quest - Synergy

VitalQuest - Synergy, an all new software epitomizes this approach of case taking and analysis.


VitalQuest - Synergy provides :

  • 19 Repertories to select rubrics from
  • Search single or multiple words from materia medicas and new provings.
  • Sensation analysis - kingdoms and miasm
  • Search through source words  - A completely new Source repertory
  • Therapeutics  - Clinical approach, organ specific remedies
  • Biochemic remedy approach etc.


The software helps you

  • Merge different approaches together and see ‘SYNERGY ANALYSIS’.
  • Compare results of various approaches simultaneously.
         (Finger printing / Structured analysis / Sectorial analysis)

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Whats is NEW ?


Synergy - An Integrated Analysis

Every case needs a unique approach. An acute case needs a quick therapeutic prescription, a cancer case may require an organ remedy, some cases may call for an approach based on the understanding of kingdoms or source and yet others would need the use of traditional repertories or materia medica.


For the first time in Homeopathy, a path breaking Analysis module that integrates the logic and art of Homeopathy; Sensation, System and Genius.




VitalQuest offers you 19 traditional and new repertories to choose rubrics from.



Reliable Repertory

Introducing ‘Reliable Repertory’ that includes works of pioneers in Homeopathy and dependable additions from contemporary authors. 

  • Only repertory that gives confirmatory references from materia medica for remedies in a rubric.  A click on the remedy in a rubric will give you the reference symptom from the source book, thus warranting choice of the remedy.

    E.g. : ‘bryonia’ in the rubric ‘Business, talks of ’ gives you the source reference as ‘T F Allen - Allen's Encylopedia- Delirium : talks constantly about his business’

  • With the focus on reliability, the new repertory work is based on the idea of providing a tool to reconstruct the exact symptom from the source books.


Sensation Repertory

Only software to have repertory of ‘sensations’.  Sensation words like stiff, tight, constricted, victim etc. are organized as rubrics that can be used for analysis.


Source Repertory

Since the time of Hahnemann, doctrine of signature and study of the remedy source from nature always appeared as one of the vital information in our materia medica.


Newly conceived ‘source repertory’ is extremely useful in cases at Sensation and Source levels.


Materia Medica information

  • Books from pioneers of Homeopathy like Hahnemann, Boennighausen, Boger, Hering, Knerr, Lippe, Kent, Clarke and ever expanding library of pioneers.
  • Books from contemporary authors.
  • Recent provings.
  • Notable & widely used ‘Sensation’ information from VitalQuest library on Plants, Animals, Minerals, Sarcodes, Nosodes and Imponderables etc.


Genius of remedies presented in a way that is easy to find and study.


Web Link

  • A unique functionality that scans through natural information about sources from various websites and includes them in materia medica search for analysis. The main advantage is that the software prompts you with remedies that may not be found in standard source books.
  • E.g. search for the word ‘glider’ in  materia medica  may not yield any remedy, but by the virtue of this utility you may find the same in any of the natural sources and come to a bird remedy like ‘albatross’.  


Case Taking

  • New Case Taking module based on parallel thinking  guides you through a maze of symptoms


Interactive help for various levels in case taking



This software provides you all that is required to arrive at perfect remedy :

Cases, Therapeutics of various diseases, Potency information, management of cases and much more….

Case Taking module Case Management
Reference info Kingdom information
Book Library Powerful search utility
Sectorial Analysis Reliable Repertory
Synergy Analysis Sensation Repertory
Analysing Tools Therapeutic Repertory
Materia Medica search Biochemic Repertory
Mentoring option  

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