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Every case needs a unique approach. An acute case needs a quick therapeutic prescription, a cancer case may require an organ remedy, some cases may call for an approach based on the understanding of kingdoms or source and yet others would need the use of traditional repertories or materia medica. 

For the first time in Homeopathy, a path breaking Analysis module that integrates the logic and art of Homeopathy; Sensation, System and Genius.


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List of Repertories:

Reliable Clarke
Sensation Phatak
Miasm Douglass
Clinical King J C
Kent J T Schussler/Biochemic
Boenning Robert
Boericke P Sankaran
Allen Guernsey
Knerr Pulford Rheumatism



List of books in the software database:

Allen H C Fever_Allen H C. Phatak S R
Allen T F Hahnemann Samuel  Reference Works
Anand Sunil-Shah Nandita  Hering C Reliable Repertory
Anshutz Herrick Nancy Rowe Todd-Grill Yolande
Bells Diarrhoea Jahr Sankaran P
Blackwood A L Kent J T Sankaran Rajan - Soul of Remedies
Boenninghausen Kings Headache Sarkar S
Boericke W Knerr C B Schadde Anne
Boger C M Lilienthal Schulz Elisabeth
Boericke O Links International Shah Jayesh
Borkar Ashok Lippe Sonz Susan
Chatterjee Sujeet Nash Thakar Munjal
Clarke J H Norland Misha Vital Quest Notes
Farrington North Wes  
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