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Lachesis is a snake remedy prepared from the venom of the South American bush master, and in its miasmatic range, the remedy falls between sycosis and syphilis. It has the qualities of competitiveness, aggressiveness, attractiveness and sexuality common to the animal remedies, as well as the clairvoyance, deceit and venomous quality common to the snake remedies.


The specific problem of Lachesis seems to be the problem of jealousy, or how to get the better of (be one-up on) a rival, especially in the situation of male-female relationships or in the sphere of sexual relationships. It is the situation of someone who has to compete against a person with better qualities, as for example a menopausal woman whose husband has a young girlfriend. She has the feeling of weakness within herself as she compares herself to her younger and more attractive rival. She feels that there are conspiracies against her and this makes her suspicious of people around her. Her survival depends on her being one-up on her rival, and she does this with clever, manipulative talk. With her loquacity, she is able to attract and retain the attention of the listener; she can be witty, sarcastic, loud, animated, vividly expressive, excited. She observes the listener, judging all the time his interest level, and at the correct moment unnoticed by the latter, she injects the venom that works in him after he has left her presence. Her talk can be clairvoyant, prophetic. She may tell of going into a trance or being under superhuman control, or she may relate spiritual experiences or religious theories, all this with enough doses of sexual suggestibility.


She becomes so engrossed with the competition, so for the time being, she has to shut off from work ("Business, aversion to"). When her very best efforts to compete fail she may turn religious, spiritual, and may feel that death is near and that she should concentrate on spiritual things; she then starts meditating. Hence the rubric: "Avoids company to indulge in her fancy."


Lachesis persons can be interested in the beauty of nature, in amusement, and their speech can be magnetic. Advertising has a lot to do with Lachesis, concerned as it is with jealousy and one-upmanship: it amuses, entertains and catches attention, pushing its own product up while cleverly pushing other products down, and quickly injects you with temptations for the product being advertised. A lot of the entertainment industry also has to do with the Lachesis theme and I have observed that Lachesis people often get into the advertising or entertainment industries.


The main theme of Lachesis is show. The ideal situation that would best bring out this feeling for a Lachesis patient would be a beauty contest. She would try to beat the competition through any means.



  • Jealousy, loquacity, with.
  • Loquacity, changing quickly from one subject to another.
  • Loquacity, jesting, with.
  • Mocking: sarcasm.
  • Mocking: ridicule, passion to.
  • Jesting: fun of somebody, making.
  • Amusement, desire for.



Physical symptoms:

  • As is well-known, Lachesis patients are invariably hot, and may have hot flushes followed by sweating.
  • They can't tolerate tight clothes (around the neck). As is common to snakes, there is always a fear to be strangled or choked.
  • Aggravation from sun.
  • Worse after sleep.


Additional rubrics:

  • Business, aversion to.
  • Avoids company to indulge in her fancy.
  • Religious affections.
  • Doubtful, soul's welfare.


Kent :

  • Tongue: protruded rapidly darting in and out, like a snake's.